Sonic Revivify Series I & II 2019 models are here! | Ultrasonic Bowling Products

Sonic Revivify Series I & II 2019 models are here!

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New & Improved Models Have Arrived!

Prices WILL go up!

They're here!  Our 2019 version has finally arrived, just in time for the Las Vegas Trade show!  While they look very much like our 2018 model, there are significant improvements under the hood!

First, in response to customer feedback we have redesigned our units for sound management.

  • Factory installed sound dampening material an all sides and base.
  • Factory installed sound dampening materials wrap around the internal tank.
  • 'Enclosed' lid design which accomodates sound dampening material.
  • Upgraded our air cooling system to use whisper quiet ball bearing fans.

But wait! That's not all!  There's more!

  • Our heat control system was improved as well!  We've replaced the wall sensor with an in-tank probe giving us minute control over the temperature of the contents!
  • Relocated the drain system for easier user access.
  • Changed drain component material for super-tight fit.
  • Redesigned transducer layout for massive improvement in surface coverage!
  • Ultrasonic power adjusted for more efficient cleaning with less power!

These changes have all happened because of great user feedback!  We appreciate it!  Now, unfortunately, the trade war with the chinese causing increased costs in everything from steel to parts to shipping and tarriffs - we have had to adjust our price to reflect these changes.  Both of our units, the Sonic Revivify models I & II will see a price increase of $500.00 beginning April 1st.

(We still have a few 2018 models left in stock!  Get one while supplies last at LAST YEARS price but there are just a few left, get your order in soon!)

We're proud to announce our newly engineered and upgraded models have finally begun arriving from the factory!

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