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At Silver Creek Lanes- 2018

UBP uses the 'team' approach to it's success. Each of us brings so much to the table! To a person, we're passionate about the sport of bowling, whether as a pro or as a recreational roller.
Its' the diversity of our group that gives us our get up and go!


Team Members

Jim Shimota at Nationals 2017 Jan 28 By UBPadmin

Founder & Chief Engineer

The brains of the outfit (and really good looking too!)  Not a horrible bowler - passionate for our sport and loves to help others who wish to ...

Director - Sales Jan 28 By UBPadmin

Director - Sales

Our resident Guru!  Hall of Famer and International coach, John's knowledge of bowling is "ultra"-deep.  He also knows people coast to coast ...

Distribution Sales Manager Jan 29 By UBPadmin

Distribution Sales Manager

Working with Ebonite has given Matt the edge.  He loves pro shops!  He's got that quiet demeanor that just screams 'smart' about bowling, and ...

Product Manager Jan 29 By UBPadmin

Product Manager

You know that person that really just fits a job title?  That's KC!  His idea's are brilliant, and KC is the source of so many of the ideas we use today.  Never afraid to get his hands dirty, ...

Regional Sales Manager May 13 By UBPadmin

Regional Sales Manager

Bill is a renown person in the bowling world!  A writer for the biggest bowling rags, USBC Siver certified coach and designer of the Rejuvenator oil extraction machine are just some ...

Marketing Director Jan 29 By UBPadmin

Marketing Director

Titles can fool you - and Shannon's title isn't big enough.  You can find her in the warehouse working on sound - proofing, or at the lanes doing demo's!  Her knowledge of retail and sales ...

Jan 29 By UBPadmin

Region Sales Representatitve

Holly is one of 'those' people - married to a pro (who loves our product) and one great bowler herself!  She's got the "Rep" ...

Jan 29 By UBPadmin

Regional Sales Manager

This college guy handles our sunny California territory.  Working with his brother Ben, they form an unstoppable team!  

Engineering Manager Jan 29 By UBPadmin

Engineering Manager

We're lucky that Ben was available - his years of experience in the robotics field help him help us as we solve ...

Sales Engineer Jan 29 By UBPadmin

Sales Engineer

Having Kevin around proves useful constantly.  Tireless workhorse, and loves being engaged.  Kevin has been working the demo's and talking to potential customers since the very beginning.