Andy Schmidt

Just wanted to tell you that the Ultrasonic product is a fantastic piece of technology.

I had one of my go to balls that started to die and not finish in the pocket, leaving me all sorts of unsavory pickups to attempt.  I asked Jim to give my baby a once over in his new device.  He returned it a week later and WOW!!!

The ball has been spectacular since.  My last two tournaments, I have averaged 238 and 225, and the first night of league last night, i shot 734, or a 244 average to start.  All with the ball Jim cleaned in the new machine.  It has a second lease on life thanks to the revitalization and i expect it to be my main piece for most of this season.

I plan to let all my tournament bowlers know about this product once it becomes available.  The RTB tour will be a perfect place to showcase this new technology.

Thanks to Jim for the ingenuity in creating this new method of extending a balls lifespan.

RTB Area Manager - Oregon region