John "Coach" Fantini

In the last month of the bowling season Jim Shimota brought to Crosley Bowl his prototype of the Ultrasonic bowling ball renovator.

On the first test I used two of my balls that had been in my arsenal for about one year:

  • Both balls (a Motive Primal Rage and a 900 Global Inception) had lost their hook power and impact and were both in the used ball shelf.
  • Both balls were put through the recommended twenty minute (20 Minutes) cycle.
  • Both balls came back to their original lane reaction and both balls are back in my personal arsenal.

Other balls for Crosley bowlers were tested and the results were the same.

  • The bowling balls regained their original performance characteristics.

One last test a ball was left in the hot water for 12 hours and with Ultrasonic for 1 hour and there was no damage to the ball.

Pro Bowler, International Coach, NW Regional Hall Of Fame