Endorsements and Testimonials

In the last month of the bowling season Jim Shimota brought to Crosley Bowl his prototype of the Ultrasonic bowling ball renovator.

On the first test I used two of my balls that had been in my arsenal for about one year:

  • Both balls (a Motive Primal Rage and a 900 Global Inception) had lost their hook power and impact and were both in the used ball shelf.
  • Both balls were put through the recommended twenty minute (20 Minutes) cycle.
  • Both balls came back to their original lane reaction and both balls are back in my personal arsenal.

Other balls for Crosley bowlers were tested and the results were the same.

  • The bowling balls regained their original performance characteristics.

One last test a ball was left in the hot water for 12 hours and with Ultrasonic for 1 hour and there was no damage to the ball.

Pro Bowler, International Coach, NW Regional Hall Of Fame

Just wanted to tell you that the Ultrasonic product is a fantastic piece of technology.

I had one of my go to balls that started to die and not finish in the pocket, leaving me all sorts of unsavory pickups to attempt.  I asked Jim to give my baby a once over in his new device.  He returned it a week later and WOW!!!

The ball has been spectacular since.  My last two tournaments, I have averaged 238 and 225, and the first night of league last night, i shot 734, or a 244 average to start.  All with the ball Jim cleaned in the new machine.  It has a second lease on life thanks to the revitalization and i expect it to be my main piece for most of this season.

I plan to let all my tournament bowlers know about this product once it becomes available.  The RTB tour will be a perfect place to showcase this new technology.

Thanks to Jim for the ingenuity in creating this new method of extending a balls lifespan.

RTB Area Manager - Oregon region

Omg my ball hooks again at King pins.
I endorse you and your amazing product.

Multiple championship title holder

Thanks again for working on my bowling ball, it worked perfectly. I averaged 196 on my first day using it [the newly cleaned ball].
-- Bob

Loves the result of using the Revivify Series I

I'm pretty impressed with that little machine.  The cleaning made a huge difference in how fast the ball recovered. The ball actually started to break about three to four feet sooner.  You actually roll through the pins a little bit different.  The overall move from when we started to when we finished was 5 and 3, so, it definitely brought back a lot of the motion, the hook potential and also the way the ball hit!

54 PBA Titles

I had stopped throwing my Ebonite Verdict as it was no longer giving me any consistent reaction on the lanes for a ball that was my most dependable weapon in my arsenal.

After a 30-minute ultrasonic clean, and all of the oil safely expunged from the ball, my Verdict rolled just like it did when I first took it off the press!!  Now this ball is back in my bag ready to go!

Ebonite Rep - Regional Pro

... endorses Ultrasonic Bowling Products.

former Pba member and 2001 Portland Masters champion

I have been using the Ultrasonic Bowlings Sonic Revivify product for about nine months now and all I can say this machine works magic on my equipment. I bowl in a lot of tournaments and league and it does the trick to be ready for the lanes. It revitalizes my arsenal to be tournament ready every time. I roughly get about a months worth of bowling in before each cleaning as I bowl a lot. I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone that bowls and wants to keep their equipment performance ready. - Luke

Regional Champion - Multiple Title Winner