It did happen to us too!

Floating Bowling Balls? Yeah, right ...

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It did happen to us too!

Who knew?!  We file this under the 'WTH?' heading - bowling balls can float!

Chris Warren calls us, and asks what we do for bowling balls that float.  Our response - 'Balls Float???'   A quick check with Larry & Marilu at Larry's Pro Shop and sure enough - it seems this is a common phenomenon!  Marilu would just set another ball on top when she encountered one of these while using her Detox machine (now removed).

Well - golly!  So some quick checks, and SOME 12 lb. balls and all balls less than 12 lbs. DO float!  13 - 16 lbs don't have this problem.  Now as coach points out, on a percentage basis, very few reactive balls are sold in these lighter weights.  However, teens and seniors DO commonly acquire balls of this size!  And BTW - this did happen to us back when we were still designing the tank - we just thought it was a wierd ball with a cork center!

While we don't have a solution YET, we're working on it! 

Some ideas:

  • A weight ring.
  • A spring / snap to the ball caddie.
  • Modification to the caddie.

Our brilliant product manager, Mr. KC Jones is scouring the world for the best answer!  We'll update this post as new information comes forth.