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We're proud to announce our newly engineered and upgraded models have finally begun arriving from the...

2018 was a great year, but we still have some in stock!  These units are still sold at the previously...

Please welcome Bill Hall as he has joined the UBP team to give us coverage in the Las Vegas area! ...

Announcing a limited supply of ball stands and carriers to fit your needs - AND budget! Need an extra...

As many close to me know, I'm a bit prolific (read: verbose) when it comes to the written word.  I...

Coming soon! Newly engineered & upgraded models. Be aware, prices WILL go up!

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Our units aren't just some wooden box!

You read that right!

These babies can be repaired right on the spot!

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Our 2019 model in action! May 21 By UBPadmin

This is the first known video of a Sonic Revivify Series 1 model 5 (2019 model) in action!  Note the...

Bubble action cleans dirt and grime too May 19 By UBPadmin

While we constantly demonstrate how well our ultrasonic bowling ball cleaner extracts oil, we have...

That's a little grime being washed off May 18 By UBPadmin

In this video, we've taken a really oily ball and washed it for exactly 30 minutes.  Then, we flip it...

15th Washing of this Ball! May 18 By UBPadmin

Watch as we clean the same ball for the FIFTEENTH TIME!  In addition, we do something a bit different...

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