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I feel like Steve Martin and want to yell ..."The new phone book is here, the new phone book is here...

We got the call from this customer after his existing cleaners had failed just once too often.  Now...

Wow!  We did not see that coming - our friend, Chris Warren, who already had a Sonic Revivify I model...

With 6 pallets of tanks at customs, we're doing our best to clear out warehouse space!


For us, this is the most exciting news.  As a company you always want to have the problem ' There are...

So glad to have Larry Dankenbring Sr. using our product!

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Our 2019 model in action! May 21 By UBPadmin

This is the first known video of a Sonic Revivify Series 1 model 6 (2019 model) in action!  Note the...

SEE the uniform cleaning for yourself! Aug 20 By UBPadmin

When we say 'improved' we mean it!

This excellent video of the 2019 model shows the results of...

Play All Jul 27 By UBPadmin

You gotta love the guy! 

Matt Maloney somehow found the time to video SIX pieces of...

Bubble action cleans dirt and grime too May 19 By UBPadmin

While we constantly demonstrate how well our ultrasonic bowling ball cleaner extracts oil, we have...

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