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Oil Blast of Steven's Ball

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Oil Blast!

UBP Steve Nusom Cleaning v9 Final Edit

After Steven found out Luke threw so well with his newly cleaned ball - he brought his favorite ball over for us to clean for him.  Since his brother is on a UBP sponsored team, we didn't mind!  Using a clean tank, four of us got out our cell phones and took a corner!

(Sorry, but Steven has his cell phone set for low-res and it wasn't usable so you only get 3 corners :(  Sorry Steve!)

Holy Shit....

Trade Show Video Done!

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The Chris Warren Video shoot!

UBP w/ Chris Warren Before & After Shoot using Clutch Bowling & Kegel Specto ball tracking

Have a look at our sales video!  We made this for a Before and After and it was so good we're taking it to the trade shows!

I'm pretty impressed with that little machine ... says Chris

Watch the great interaction of UBP, Chris Warren, Silver Creek Lanes, Clutch Bowling and Kegel!

Showcase specifics

This video is the Before and After everyone is talking about!

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