Motiv Cleaned Again

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Take a gander at my personal ball getting it's 11th bath!  Over a 1/2 year later, STILL GOING STRONG!

The 11th cleaning of my personal Motiv!

How often should I clean my ball?

This must be one of the most common questions we get asked.   You can clean the ball as often as you'd like!  Seriously!

We all know that some alley's are dirtier than others.  If it's a dirt and grime issue, it's easy to see on the ball.   Oil on the other hand is harder to see.  This becomes a 'feel' issue - when you feel the ball is rolling out, or it feels your in the carry-down all the time, that's a good sign that a deep cleaning can help!  We are actually running tests currently to determine what is the best answer to this question, but for now we need to rely on YOUR feel for it!

In the video above, this is the 11th cleaning of this Motiv (my go - to ball BTW) in 6 months.  Granted I bowl a lot, often 7 days a week, and this Motiv is nearly always used!  As you can see it is still giving up the oil!