• Our 2019 model in action! May 21 0 By UBPadmin

    This is the first known video of a Sonic Revivify Series 1 model 5 (2019 model) in action!  Note the sound difference - AND the ultrasonic impact at the top of the ball!  Great...

  • Bubble action cleans dirt and grime too May 19 0 By UBPadmin

    While we constantly demonstrate how well our ultrasonic bowling ball cleaner extracts oil, we have said all along that we're fantastic at cleaning grime and dirt too!  

  • That's a little grime being washed off May 18 0 By UBPadmin

    In this video, we've taken a really oily ball and washed it for exactly 30 minutes.  Then, we flip it over (a trick we use for short speed cleanings to make sure the top-most 3% gets...

  • 15th Washing of this Ball! May 18 0 By UBPadmin

    Watch as we clean the same ball for the FIFTEENTH TIME!  In addition, we do something a bit different here - This ball is rotated 2/3rd of the way through it's cleaning as a way to...

  • Pre-assembly of the 3 ball prototype Jan 22 0 By jshimota

    This video was made to demonstrate the steps to operate the original 3 ball unit.  As you can see, hand made and rudimentary.  But wow did it work great!  3 balls at a time!

  • UBP Steve Nusom Cleaning v9 Final Edit Dec 30 0 By jshimota

    After Steven found out Luke threw so well with his newly cleaned ball - he brought his favorite ball over for us to clean for him.  Since his brother is on a UBP sponsored team, we didn'...

  • Motiv Ball Cleaning for the 11th time Dec 6 0 By UBPadmin

    How often should I clean my ball?

    This must be one of the most common questions we get asked.   You can clean the ball as often as you'd like!

  • UBP w/ Chris Warren Before & After Shoot using Clutch Bowling & Kegel Specto ball tracking Dec 4 0 By jshimota

    Have a look at our sales video!  We made this for a Before and After and it was so good we're taking it to the trade shows!

    I'm pretty impressed with that little...