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  • Our 2019 model in action! May 21 0 By UBPadmin

    This is the first known video of a Sonic Revivify Series 1 model 6 (2019 model) in action!  Note the sound difference - AND the ultrasonic impact at the top of the ball!  Great...

  • Mar 4 0 By UBPadmin

    After the water is changed for an ultrasonic tank, I have a small step I suggest but many aren't aware of.  I think I hid it in the manual somewhere :).

    First what is Degassing?...

  • Sidewall during draining Feb 23 0 By UBPadmin

    Lane Oil - Hardened.

  • SEE the uniform cleaning for yourself! Aug 20 0 By UBPadmin

    When we say 'improved' we mean it!

    This excellent video of the 2019 model shows the results of our efforts to increase cleaning and oil removal efficiency.

  • Play All Jul 27 0 By UBPadmin

    You gotta love the guy! 

    Matt Maloney somehow found the time to video SIX pieces of equipment before he headed to Vegas!  We've linked here to the "Play All" link on...

  • Bubble action cleans dirt and grime too May 19 0 By UBPadmin

    While we constantly demonstrate how well our ultrasonic bowling ball cleaner extracts oil, we have said all along that we're fantastic at cleaning grime and dirt too!  

  • That's a little grime being washed off May 18 0 By UBPadmin

    In this video, we've taken a really oily ball and washed it for exactly 30 minutes.  Then, we flip it over (a trick we use for short speed cleanings to make sure the top-most 3% gets...

  • 15th Washing of this Ball! May 18 0 By UBPadmin

    Watch as we clean the same ball for the FIFTEENTH TIME!  In addition, we do something a bit different here - This ball is rotated 2/3rd of the way through it's cleaning as a way to...

  • Pre-assembly of the 3 ball prototype Jan 22 0 By jshimota

    This video was made to demonstrate the steps to operate the original 3 ball unit.  As you can see, hand made and rudimentary.  But wow did it work great!  3 balls at a time!

  • UBP Steve Nusom Cleaning v9 Final Edit Dec 30 0 By jshimota

    After Steven found out Luke threw so well with his newly cleaned ball - he brought his favorite ball over for us to clean for him.  Since his brother is on a UBP sponsored team, we didn'...

  • Motiv Ball Cleaning for the 11th time Dec 6 0 By UBPadmin

    How often should I clean my ball?

    This must be one of the most common questions we get asked.   You can clean the ball as often as you'd like!

  • UBP w/ Chris Warren Before & After Shoot using Clutch Bowling & Kegel Specto ball tracking Dec 4 0 By jshimota

    Have a look at our sales video!  We made this for a Before and After and it was so good we're taking it to the trade shows!

    I'm pretty impressed with that little...