Our First Demo @ Linn Lanes - Lebanon, OR

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Ultrasonic Bowling Products Demo Table @ Linn Lanes in Lebanon, OR

Jim Shimota, Kevin Johnson and I held UBP's first demo during our travel league which this month took place at Linn Lanes in Lebanon, Oregon.  Upon arriving at the bowling center, and due to some miscommunications, we were informed that the pro shop owner had not given permission for us to set up our table.  But after speaking with him about our product and how we were going to be running our demo, he came around and we were off and running!

Showing off at Kellogg!

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Shannon and Jim man the table at Kellogg Bowl

During the 2018 40-50-60 tournament, we setup our table and showed off our wares.  With the aid of Shannon manning the 'booth' and Kevin popping in to help out (and bring the power cord) we had the opportunity to talk with at least 4 prospects!  A really worthwhile event for UBP!  Also hanging out was Coach, it was a bit sad that the night before the team he was on for this tourney lost a man and couldn't recover.

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